Hey this is Kayu, Hong Kongese 3D artist based in France.

Working in Annecy animation festival inspired me to drop out philo qnd history class in Sorbonne and jump right into animation school.

Graduated from Supinfocom Arles (Ecole Mopa) in 2020.  My first solo short film “Evol” has been selected by different festivals including the Animafest Zagreb and DC Independent Film Festival.

My graduation film : Les Chaussures de Louis. extremely grateful to have our film travelling and sharing with audiences in different countries via multiple film festivals award, including Student Academy Award. Currently streaming on Canal+.

Currently a Freelance director/illustrator and 2D3D lighting compositing Artist,

my client included, Ted-ed Talk, Los Angeles times and Editorial for Vogue .

I like to consider myself as

how my mom try to make sense of what I do:

Puppet show entertainer in computer...ya 2d 3d whatever happens in a computer.